Oct 8, 2015


Hi Gorgous Thanks for stopping by!!  So since the mornings in Texas have become a bit  cooler... yeah right!!! We are still in the mid 80F. Anyways, I decided it was time for a Fall Makeup tutorial!

Some of the fall trends going around are bronzy skin, berry lips, metallic eyes, graphic liner, wispy lashes,  etc.. so I decided to do my own twist and use a couple of the trends all at once.

I ordered some stuff from Colourpop including the lipstick I am wearing which is a super deep red wine color and I love it because the pigmentation is amazing and feels really moisturizing on the lips. Non the less the color is beautiful !

I also tried something new with my editing, I hope you enjoy!!!


Aug 10, 2015


Hi, there !! Today I bring to you my first makeup review, I hope you enjoy it. 

So, almost all makeup companies are coming out with matte liquid lipsticks and I wanted to find some that were affordable and that I would love. 

I knew that ColourPop came out with a bunch of them (the color range is awesome), so I picked a bunch on their website but did not purchased them because got distracted and got out of the house to ran some errands. Somehow I ended up at Walgreens where I came across the Milani Amore Matte Liquid Lipsticks and grabbed four of them!! 

So apparently these lipsticks are Limited edition and cannot be found at CVS or on Milani's Website (apparently they are going to be online soon). There are a total of eight shades form nudes to super vampy shades and I picked up four of them, and I loved them all!!

Their consistency is similar to the Limecrime ones, but some of them have a mousse-like texture.
The color payoff is really good; you get the exact color that's in the tube.   With the lighter one, 02 Adore, I recommend using a lipliner fist since it's quite nude and it will make the application a little easier and less streaky.
I do not recommend using more than two coats since you can experience some flaking (one thicker coat is better than two though).

Swatch on hand: 08 FLIRT, 05 EMBRACE, 04 LUST, 02 ADORE

The applicator is great, it makes it easy to apply, and if you don't have a steady hand I suggest using a lipliner first of a similar color.


Jul 21, 2015


Hi, there!! Last week I had the opportunity to do a Makeover on my dear friend Paulina. We decided to do a smokey and sultry look, something different from what she normally wears on a daily basis.

A concern when having small eyes is that a smokey look will make your eyes look smaller. With the proper techniques and a few tricks you can achieve a sexy and sultry smokey eye, while at the same time make your eyes look wider and popping!

 Heres what I did on her:

The transition color I opted to use was a reddish brown to complement her brown eyes.
I blended the transition color all the way to the inner corner of the crease to elongate the eyes.
I went over the mobile eyelid with a dark coco brown and then blended it.
Then I only applied a black shadow very close to the lash line and blended it with the dark coco brown for a smokey look. I was careful not to bring the black to the crease since a raccoon eye was not the look we were going for, plus if you have small eyes a super dark eye can look very harsh.

 Then since her eyes have small space between the mobile eyelid and crease I put a shimmery champagne eyeshadow only in the center of the eyelid so every time she blinks you could see a beautiful glow in her eyes

I skipped eyeliner and coated her upper and lower lashes with black mascara and applied a pair of wispy false lashes, nothing too dramatic so the smokey eye didn't get lost with the eyelashes.


Apr 10, 2015

Mermaid Eyes, Green for Spring! / Ojos de Sirena, verde para la Primavera.

Welcome back!!  I have been absent form my blog for a few weeks.  I got sick two weeks ago but I'm now feeling 100% again! It feels so good to be back feeling like myself again.

Since Spring is in full swing (and with that comes allergies...arrggh!) I wanted to make a play on color.  When I think of Spring, I think about the sun, the ocean, the warmth of the sun hitting my skin, and the color green.  So I came up with the idea of doing an eye makeup inspired by the color of the Mermaids perfect for this Spring♥.

This eye make up is colorful, yet can be worn day or night. A lot  of people feel more comfortable wearing neutral colors in their eyes, but believe it or not, this green eye makeup is colorful yet so beautiful that people complement you!

I wore this eye makeup last Thursday to run daytime errands; I even took my dogs to the park.  I felt so confident wearing this look so don't be afraid of wearing color in your lids. Remember,  being unique makes you stand out and shows your confidence.  As they say, confidence is sexy and very attractive. Don't be afraid of showing people your personality through makeup. You do you!



Mar 8, 2015


Hi Gorgeous! One of my favorite looks is the "smokey eye".  It is not only fun to do, but also surprisingly easy for anyone to recreate.  I decided to do a super dramatic smokey eye that will look amazing on anyone, no matter skin tone or eye color. This look will make anyones eyes POP! Literally!!!

For this smokey eye tutorial I mainly used one of my favorite brands, Colour Pop, a super affordable and cruelty free brand.  Their eye shadows are on another level of awesomeness!! The brand is based in California which is super important because they are a cruelty free  brand that does not do product testing on animals (which should be ever cosmetic brand's policy).  They have a whole range of colors and finishes, but what makes them one of my fave brands is the formula they use in the shadows.. its like a hybrid between a powder and a cream; super easy to blend, highly pigmented which gives a super intense color payoff.



Feb 25, 2015

HOW TO: Winged EyeLiner / Delineado Clásico

Hi there!  Winged eyeliner is one of my all time favorite ways to glam up any look!! It is a classic look that never goes out of style and super easy to do.  Usually when I'm in a rush and want to look "put together", I will do a winged eye liner, paired with a fun lipstick color and that takes me literally two minutes to achieve.IMG_2440

To be totally honest, it took me a while  to perfect the perfect winged eyeliner.  With patience, a little practice, and of course a magnifying mirror you can do it too.

I hope these tips help you become the Queen of wing eyeliner!

So if you want to learn how I do mine just watch the following tutorial.

IMG_2441Thanks for watching, subscribe to my blog and Youtube Channel. Muah!

Kisses&Hugs, Jules. ♥


  • SIgma Eyeliner brush E65:

  • Sigma Eyeliner brush E05

  • Tarte precision longwear liquid eyeliner

  • NYX Studio Liquid Eyeliner in Black

  • Tarte Gifted Mascara in Black

  • Lana Lashes in Julisa (WILD THANG Collection)


Hola otra vez!  El Delineado clásico es uno de mis favoritos y es perfecto para ponerle ese toque Glam a cualquier look, como dice el nombre es clásico y no pasa de moda. Una vez que ya lo hayas dominado se te va a hacer super fácil. Normalmente cuando tengo prisa y quiero verme "arreglada" me hago este delineado, lo combino con algún lipstick cero aburrido y literalmente me toma dos minutos estar lista.

Siendo totalmete honesta, me tomo tiempo poder lograr el delineado perfecto, con solo un poco de paciencia, practica y un espejo con aumento tu también puedes lograrlo.

Espero que estos tips te  ayuden para tu también logres el delineado perfecto,

Si quieres ver como hice el mío ve el siguiente tutorial (ve arriba).

Gracias por ver, suscribete a mi blog y canal de Youtube. Muah!

Besos&Abrazos, Jules. ♥

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