Apr 10, 2015

Mermaid Eyes, Green for Spring! / Ojos de Sirena, verde para la Primavera.

Welcome back!!  I have been absent form my blog for a few weeks.  I got sick two weeks ago but I'm now feeling 100% again! It feels so good to be back feeling like myself again.

Since Spring is in full swing (and with that comes allergies...arrggh!) I wanted to make a play on color.  When I think of Spring, I think about the sun, the ocean, the warmth of the sun hitting my skin, and the color green.  So I came up with the idea of doing an eye makeup inspired by the color of the Mermaids perfect for this Spring♥.

This eye make up is colorful, yet can be worn day or night. A lot  of people feel more comfortable wearing neutral colors in their eyes, but believe it or not, this green eye makeup is colorful yet so beautiful that people complement you!

I wore this eye makeup last Thursday to run daytime errands; I even took my dogs to the park.  I felt so confident wearing this look so don't be afraid of wearing color in your lids. Remember,  being unique makes you stand out and shows your confidence.  As they say, confidence is sexy and very attractive. Don't be afraid of showing people your personality through makeup. You do you!


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