Jul 21, 2015


Hi, there!! Last week I had the opportunity to do a Makeover on my dear friend Paulina. We decided to do a smokey and sultry look, something different from what she normally wears on a daily basis.

A concern when having small eyes is that a smokey look will make your eyes look smaller. With the proper techniques and a few tricks you can achieve a sexy and sultry smokey eye, while at the same time make your eyes look wider and popping!

 Heres what I did on her:

The transition color I opted to use was a reddish brown to complement her brown eyes.
I blended the transition color all the way to the inner corner of the crease to elongate the eyes.
I went over the mobile eyelid with a dark coco brown and then blended it.
Then I only applied a black shadow very close to the lash line and blended it with the dark coco brown for a smokey look. I was careful not to bring the black to the crease since a raccoon eye was not the look we were going for, plus if you have small eyes a super dark eye can look very harsh.

 Then since her eyes have small space between the mobile eyelid and crease I put a shimmery champagne eyeshadow only in the center of the eyelid so every time she blinks you could see a beautiful glow in her eyes

I skipped eyeliner and coated her upper and lower lashes with black mascara and applied a pair of wispy false lashes, nothing too dramatic so the smokey eye didn't get lost with the eyelashes.

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