Apr 21, 2016

HAPPY EARTH MONTH!! ECO- FRIENDLY Products of the month- April

April is Earth month and to celebrate I'm starting a new series here on my blog where I'll be featuring some of my favorite Eco-Friendy and natural beauty products each month.
A couple of years ago my husband and I decided to adopt a more natural and Eco- Friendly approach in our household and life. This meant changing most of our cleaning supplies, pet supplies and daily beauty/grooming essentials to avoid products that contain harsh and toxic chemicals.

Something that has helped us create self awareness about the products we use in our day to day lifestyles is reading product labels. This has encouraged us to shift towards natural products, free of harsh chemicals, and not tested on animals.

Honestly, now that we have information literally at our fingertips, it is easy to research, compare products and even order them at the comfort of your home.

Most of the products we buy are form Whole Foods and Vitacost. Use EBATES to get money back every time you shop form  hundreds of stores and when you sign up you get a $10USD gift card.

Since this is a beauty blog I'm only going to share beauty products that I use in my daily routine.

  • Extremely moisturizing, it will keep your skin hydrated and also create a protective barrier from the elements.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungi. I use it for anything from mosquito bites, cuts, burn and pimples.
  • Great as a deep conditioning  hair treatment.
  • Natural makeup remover.
I have been using coconut oil every single day for years.  Its uses are endless in cooking,  as a makeup remover, and my all time favorite is as a body moisturizer and deep hair conditioning treatment.
Coconut oil has been demonstrated to have anti-flamatory, analgesic as well as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which makes it a great  treatment for minor cuts, burns, insect bites and pimples.

It stimulates skin collagen production so it helps to quickly clear skin breakouts and  heal minor wounds.

TIP: I prevent my coconut oil form melting or hardening by whipping it. Simply spoon out the hardened coconut oil ( do not put in refrigerator or freezer; it needs to be in its natural hardened state)  whip it with a electric mixer approximately 3-4 minutes until it has a whipped cream consistency. Store it in a pretty glass jar and you are done.

  • With sea mineral extracts like Chlorela, Spirullina, Chondrus and other sea goodness full of Vitamin A, C and other antioxidant properties promoting a brighter complexion. 
  • Gently cleanses away impurities from the skin without leaving that dry and tight sensation afterwards. 
  • It has a really nice scent without been too overpowering.
  • Excellent for all skin types, but just in case your extra dry they have a cleansing milk formula.
This cleanser became one of my favorites because it is so gentle, yet very effective in getting rid of any dullness and extra oiliness from my face. If foams up really nice and the scent is so good that I like to take a little extra time in my morning and nightly routine massaging it all over my face and neck.


  • 100% cruelty free and extra soft
  • Made with renewable bamboo handles and recycled aluminum
  • Excellent product and great price
  • Travel friendly
These brushes are my obsession! Their super soft bristles blend eye makeup effortlessly and beautifully. The kit contains five essential brushes to achieve a perfect eye look from blending to eye lining all in one kit. It even comes with a travel bag so you can take them with you no the go.  the brush bristles don't shed and the handles are very comfortable. 

  • Minimal ingredients and full of organic essential oils.
  • Made from coconut and olive oils to clean without leaving your skin dry.
  • Multi-purpose cleaner; it can be used as face wash, shampoo, BRUSH CLEANER, household cleaner, veggie wash, dog shampoo, dish soap,  laundry detergent, and more!!
This soap is everything! With up to 18 uses this super concentrated soap is excellent for whatever you decide to use it for. One of my favorite uses besides as a body wash, is to clean my makeup brushes. This magic formula cleans brushes SUPER fast with only a few drops leaving them squeaky clean and smelling good. Give it a try and you'll see that cleaning your dirty makeup brushes becomes a super easy task.

  • Infused with Red Raspberry leaf that restores hair shine. 
  • Rich in vitamins A, B-5 and C, calcium and magnesium to strengthen hair.
  • Coconut sugar and oil to remove daily grime and pollutants without striping natural oils  or causing dryness. 
  • Full of natural ingredients: Aloe leaf juice, Bilberry, Maca root, Yuca root, Willow bark extract, Sea kelp, etc.
This shampoo and conditioner smell divine, can be used for oily and dry scalps leaving hair clean, shiny and super silky. The conditioner is not heavy nor oily.

Lets not forget Mother Earth and treat her with respect as if everyday was Earth Day! 

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